So you want to be a modern Celebrant?

~ With Richard Lavender ~

UK Celebrant Academy

Modern Celebrant Training Courses

So, you are interested in becoming a modern professional celebrant? GOOD CHOICE! Celebrancy is not a job, it is so rewarding to see your client’s reaction to your work.

Hi, we are the UK Celebrant Academy. Beginning a new career and setting up a new business can seem a little bit daunting, but rest assured we are here to support and guide you every step of the way.  You have made the right choice in the UK Celebrant Academy, we promise you that! Our focus isn’t charging you a hefty fee, providing a single course and waving you goodbye. Instead, we offer wedding celebrant courses and funeral celebrant courses with ongoing support to help you to SUCCEED and become the best celebrant you can be – we are passionate about that.

Book a discovery call with our expert celebrant Richard Lavender today!

Why choose UK Celebrant Academy?

UK Celebrant Academy

We’re building a community of professional, authentic, supportive, inclusive and unique celebrants.

In a modern world that is ever-changing, the celebrants who stagnate and won’t or don’t adopt the latest techniques become left behind, compared to celebrants who adopt modern techniques to succeed.



There has never been a better time to join this amazing profession. With the upswing in celebrant-led weddings, funerals and family ceremonies and with the world being a lot more accepting and aware of people’s life choices, more opportunities await you.

We will support and guide you on your journey to becoming a professional celebrant, helping you to design beautiful ceremonies that are bespoke to each client, inspiring you to be an amazing celebrant. 

Never forget that you have a huge responsibility in this role to make every event:

Unique ~ Loving ~ Fun ~ Professional ~ Uplifting ~ Memorable ~ Bespoke ~ Inclusive and so much more!

SCARY RIGHT? NO! It’s amazing, it’s rewarding, it’s fun, it’s satisfying, it’s all that and more, plus did we mention it’s VERY PROFITABLE!

Book your course… honestly, you will be so glad you did.

See you in the classroom.. well, nice hotel conference room actually!   

UK Celebrant Academy x

Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide the best celebrant training for you. 

UK Celebrant Academy

We will help and guide you on your journey, helping you to design amazing, beautiful ceremonies totally bespoke to all your clients, inspiring you to be an amazing celebrant.


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